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Lemon Scented Tea launches new campaign for Plastic Whale

13.03.2015 | By Myriam

March 12th Plastic Whale launched the new campaign ‘Amsterdam for plastic free canals’ together with the first professional Plastic Fishing Fleet at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show. Marius Smit presented two new boats made of plastic from the Amsterdam canals.

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Plastic Whale business card and sticker

The birth of a storytelling agency

20.02.2015 | By Myriam

During ‘The birth of a storytelling agency’ at the 17th of February, Lemon Scented Tea presented its new storytelling framework. Theme of the event: How brands and businesses are build with stories.

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Introducing software experts Crayon to the Netherlands

19.02.2015 | By Myriam

This February software company Crayon entered the Dutch IT market. Lemon Scented Tea developed an inspiring campaign, introducing Crayon as software experts who create limitless IT possibilities by sharing their knowledge. 

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