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Don't make a campaign start campaigning.

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The creative content calendar as alignment tool for marketing organizations.


Brands need a consistent and flexible story that blends across all channels and departments. Media, message and target audience must be instantly relevant. And to get everything on the right track, all communication and brand managers need to work together to manage and optimise the content in real time.


The CCC is a web-based tool that helps brands to get a full overview of all content and campaigns running across different channels. So no more printing out-of-date Excel sheets! The CCC means that everyone can work on the calendar at the same time. You can view the brand’s total communication activities by year, month, day and channel.


Editorial sessions are an extra service in which we help fill in the CCC and align all brand activities. In these sessions, we look back at the results of earlier content and campaigns and we plan what content we want to publish next in which channels.

Nuon, Vodafone, Citizen M, Concertgebouw Amsterdam and other professional organisations all use the CCC. Want to see our demo?

Impression of the Creative Content Calendar

The Future of B2B is B2P

Who decided that B2B campaigns had to be so boring? Time for change!

Easy 10 steps to succeed on the New B2P Frontier.

The future of B2B is B2P

Who decided that B2B campaigns had to be so boring? Time for a change!


It’s been one of the most consistent conversation pieces over the past year: tuned-in MDs commenting on the somewhat confused state of B2B communication. It’s changing, everyone feels it, but how? And why such a Grand-Canyon-sized gap between enticing ‘pull’ B2C campaigns and the somewhat dull hard-sell ‘push’ tactics oft-used for B2B? Good news: a middle ground has emerged in the boardrooms, namely B2P – Business to People.

In this white paper, we walk the Business to People route, highlighting some recent cases for Schiphol, K-Swiss, Océ, Amsterdam RAI and VisitSweden. Because seriously, who decided that B2B campaigns had to be so boring anyway?

The whitepaper is published by Lemon Scented Tea and you can download it here in PDF format. For more information contact


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Brand poetry

Lemon Book Launch: The Invention of Brand Poetry

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Lemon book launch: the invention of brand poetry


At Walking Drink festival 2011 in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Lemon launched its new book, ‘The Invention of Brand Poetry’. The book offers a glimpse of 16 brand stories written for a handful of key clients in the last year, including Heinz, Schiphol, K-Swiss, Brinta and Liga. The book positively illustrates how large blue-chip brands are actively seeking out their ‘Why’ and integrating that ‘Why’ into all their communication activities. For the record, this is a very good thing. Brand poetry is Lemon’s interpretation of that ‘Why’, packaged in an inspiring single page of copy.


In addition to offering a glimpse of our inspirational way of working, ‘The Invention of Brand Poetry’ is also a ‘living book’. We’ve long been poetry buffs here at our Amsterdam HQ – with more than a slight preference for Yeats – and it pains us to see the sales of these poetry bundles plummeted. ‘The Invention of Brand Poetry’ offers a potential solution by integrating QR codes that activates unique digital content through the book. In other words, we turn those dust-covered poetry tomes on the bookshelves into living items, with publishers able to continually add new content to the book (live readings, breaking news, etc.) in real time. 


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