Introducing the professional hairdresser 

The year 2016 marked ANKO’s 125th anniversary, which was a good reason to reflect on the importance of hairdressers in our society. There are endless hairstyles, hair colours and hair types today, and more than ever, hairdressers need to boast great skills. 

Our task was to reinforce the connection between ANKO and its members and the added value of their membership. We created ‘hair diagrams’, a combination of craftsmanship and business facts. We carried out research among the Dutch population about hair, which resulted in the symbolic haircut, ‘The Hair of Holland’. Through PR, we showed the Netherlands the importance of the professional hairdresser.  

Ad: hair diagram with the subject ‘education’
Ad: hair diagrams about 'The hair of Holland'
PR launch 'The hair of Holland'
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