Cheers to adversaries

Telling the story of Lemon Scented Tea by giving a tribute to adversaries

At Lemon Scented Tea we create stories every day for all kinds of brands and organisations. By helping them discover their biggest adversary, and define the ‘brand conflict’ that lies at their core. Because: no conflict, no story. 

But not everyone knows about the power of storytelling. Or better: the power of naming your adversary. So we decided to give a tribute to all adversaries on Blue Monday: the day when most New Year’s resolutions fail. And help the people of Amsterdam to still achieve their goals, by inspiring them to name and sketch their biggest adversary for 2017. 

Because we believe that when you know what’s standing in the way between you and your goal, it’s becomes much easier to actually get what you want.

So cheers to all adversaries! Let’s turn 2017 into a story to remember!

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