Ready to take your brand on a hero’s journey?

Every great story ever told, from The Bible to James Bond, has the same structure. Every story has a hero. The hero has a goal and employs various means to achieve it. Standing in the way of that goal is an adversary. Always. So, have you ever dared ask yourself the question: does my brand have an interesting story to tell? What kind of hero is it? Who or what is its adversary? And are there misperceptions about your brand?

Welcome to Lemon Scented Tea. We believe every strong brand has a great story to tell. A story that touches the heart and is easily remembered. With the brand as the hero on a journey you simply want to follow. Based on the brand’s story, we find, create and craft new storylines and bring them to life. All with the sole purpose of making your brand grow. By making it genuinely and consistently exciting.

Consistently great and exciting creative work can only be created when you know, feel and understand your brand.

In a scattered media landscape, with highly adaptive competitors, it is vital to be authentic and consistent, while still grabbing the business opportunities before you.

A fine balance that we help our clients achieve every day by developing strategic brand positionings, creative concepts for internal and external campaigns, activations, and narratives for content, PR and social campaigns. All with the power of story in order to better connect and engage with people worldwide.