Reviving love for the Classic shoe amongst the ‘sneaker freak’ community.

The K-Swiss Classic shoe may not be much to look at. But being a ‘classic’, we knew that wouldn’t be a problem. 

Every ‘classic’ has some pretty cool stories to tell. And so we went on a journey to find those stories.

We went to LA to interview the owners and dig up old campaigns and articles.

With the ‘you gotta know your classics’ campaign, we were able to transform the shoe’s heritage into a compelling on -and offline campaign story, created in collaboration with internationally renowned design agencies.

K-Swiss classics PR influencer campaign
PR and influencer campaign

Since our designers are themselves movers and shakers amongst the global sneakerati, the stories were immediately picked up by bloggers and other influencers.

The campaign generated free publicity and gave the K-Swiss Classic shoe the necessary credibility. The stories on the posters gave salespeople conversational material to talk about with their clients. Turning them into genuine sneaker connoisseurs who favoured the K-Swiss Classic shoe over other sneakers.