Cheers To One Million

Marie-Stella-Maris raised over one million euro for clean drinking water projects.

That called for a campaign to celebrate this milestone and pay a tribute to those who contribute with a series of three online films.

Marie-Stella-Maris social posts
Marie Stella Maris social campaign

The Dutch lifestyle brand Marie-Stella-Maris believes that everyone should have access to clean drinking water. By choosing their products you contribute to clean water projects all around the world.

In the three online films, each focusing on a different product category, the main characters give their own twist to Dutch and English sayings about water, in which water is remarkably self-evident.

Hugo, Layla, Rosaly and many others do not take water for granted

To celebrate these caring people and encourage many, many more we created new packaging, photography for the brand store and three films for social media.