(Re-)positioning Nuon as a genuine service brand through the ‘power of listening’.

The Dutch energy market is overrun with new players trying to tempt people with vague and even false promises.

Nuon may not be the cheapest or the most innovative, nevertheless, by being trustworthy and offering the best service, Nuon is the most responsive energy service provider in the Netherlands.

Being the most responsive energy company requires that you listen to your clients’ needs: ‘Listening gives you energy’.

By listening to Dutch consumers, Nuon realized that people don’t want expensive gadgets. Just simple, straightforward good service.

Nuon power of listening content campaigns
Content campaigns

‘Listening gives you energy’ became the organizing principle for all Nuon’s creative and strategic work across all divisions – B2B, B2C, brand and internal communications.

The strategy of ‘increasing the NPS’ with mainly existing customers makes Nuon customers more loyal than with other energy companies. This strategy even achieved that many new customers joined Nuon.