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Positioning Äre en Østersund as ultimate winter sport destinations.

Äre en Østersund, two obscure winter sport villages in Sweden offering ice skating, skiing and other great winter sports facilities, have made a joint bid to host the Winter Olympics.

Their previous three bids came third once and second twice which, given their size, says a lot about the quality of their facilities.

The people of these two villages have dreamt of hosting the Games since 1986, the year of their first unsuccessful bid.

So what better way to showcase all the great facilities on offer than interview the locals and let them tell the world about their dreams for when the Olympic Games finally come to their villages?

As a result of the campaign, the first charter flights ever were arranged for these destinations. And immediately fully booked.

The mockumentary campaign went viral and was even spotted on art channels, blogs and news sites in both Europe and the USA.