Creating love and respect for a newcomer in a ruthlessly hip world.

In 2016, Aernout Zappey and Lemon Scented Tea creative director, Rogier Heijning, launched WasteBoards.

WasteBoards is an Amsterdam-based company aiming to be the most sustainable skateboard brand on the planet by developing the world’s first circular decks produced from colourful recycled plastic bottle caps.

On National Sustainability Day, we launched the ‘Join the Ride’ campaign, inviting people to join the movement to rid our planet of plastic pollution.

First we created a brand environment, including a social and PR campaign, that made WasteBoards stand out from every other skateboard brand. In the campaign every aspect of WasteBoards — skateboarding, sustainability and design — magically came together in a continuous swirl of plastic soup that invited people to take action.

Wasteboards sustainable skateboards social campaign
Social campaign

The campaign has generated a great deal of free publicity (for example Jeugdjournaal, Linda magazine, Enzo Knol, Discovery Channel) and created a huge goodwill factor amongst skaters and shop owners.

The journey has just begun, but in less than 2 years the brand is already selling internationally.