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5 Tips to make your brand more engaging.

In today’s society it’s becoming more and more challenging to get noticed as a brand. Now more than ever it is key to make an emotional connection with your consumers. But how do you make such a connection, or in other words: how do you make a brand engaging in all aspects? As we deal with this issue every day, we’ve collected 5 ‘engaging’ tips.
Step #1
Find your goal and adversary
Lots of brands have beautiful goals to pursue and they mostly know why they’re on earth. But have you ever thought about your adversary? When we zoom in on the great stories of our time like the Bible or James Bond we see that each great story contains a suspense structure involving an adversary to engage the audience. Therefore, when we develop strong brands we use a beautiful adversary to draw people in emotionally. We use the Brand Conflict Model to discover the adversary. Tip: Fill the model in together with your core team. The next step is to blend it in a brand story, one that gives you direction.

Step #2
nternal engagement leads to external impact
Step 2 in making your brand more engaging, is to get your employees engaged. With the current digitalization, the gap between internal and external brand experience is non-existent. That’s why the alignment between these two is essential. To achieve this, we work with an identity story for the brand. This story is a great starting point ánd compass to align the different departments of the company: corporate communication, internal culture, customer experience and marketing communication. To get all employees aligned with the story we use the tool of dialogue. Using the story as talking piece with your employees, is an open and creative way to get a better understanding of how the story can contribute to the various issues and wishes of the different departments. These dialogues are a test to see whether the story is on the mark. By doing this carefully, you’ll create a story with which your employees feel truly involved.

Step #3
Create suspense in your campaign
Once you’ve defined your brand story, it’s time to communicate it. If you look at the gaming and film industry we notice a specific tension structure, the so-called hero’s journey. We implement the same story arc in communication for brands. What we’ve learned from the most successful movies and games, is that you need to divide your story into different stages to create an engaging and inspiring build up. We identify four steps: (1) call, (2) challenge, (3) climax and (4) conclusion. By dividing your campaigns in this way, the consumer engagement will greatly increase. The call draws people into the story with a trigger. The challenge is what people will experience in the campaign. The climax is the emotional transformation they undergo as result of engaging with the campaign and the conclusion is what they take out of the campaign. This can be a change in perspective or attitude or a reward they get for the action they took.

Step #4
Make everything news
When your brand story is aligned internally and externally, you show consistency in your communication and innovations. Every next update you do, for example in your customer experience, will fit your brand story and helps to build the brand. Not only your communication campaigns, but also smaller enhancements are expressions of the total brand story. When every brand expression is in line even the smallest updates via social media start to build the brand. So be proud of the smallest things you do and share it with the world. In this way everything becomes news.

Step #5
Letting go allows your brand to grow
When you have a clear outline of who you are as a brand and what you’re fighting for and against, it is easier to let the brand go, both internally and externally. The brand story functions as a guide for all your employees, content creations and collaborations with social influencers, brands and other parties. By allowing others to contribute, you can bring your brand story to the next level. Why? Because it’s much more credible when your story is spread by others than saying it all yourself!

In summary: 
To make your brand more engaging, it’s essential to have a clear brand story. Your goal and adversary should be the central elements to get all your communication aligned. Only then can you stand out from your competitors, can you engage with consumers and win their hearts. It’s simple, but also revolutionary!



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