The brand conflict model

What does the story of Tesla have in common with Iron Man (besides that the rumor goes that the movie character of Iron Man is slightly based on Elon Musk)? They both depict a clear conflict, one that draws people in emotionally. The same counts for brands. Our Brand Conflict Model© uses the ancient power of storytelling to build stronger brands. It’s simple but revolutionary.

Brand conflict session

The Brand Conflict Session is used to identify or sharpen the DNA and core positioning of a brand. In the Brand Conflict Session we find and create the brand archetype, define the brand conflict, and develop the initial overall storyline of a brand. The session gives an inspiring foundation for the communication and culture of a brand, organization or company.

Editorial session

The Editorial Session is used to find the most important stories of the brand, and create original content. In the Editorial Session, brand teams are asked to develop a magazine cover for the brand. In this way the participants start thinking of strong content solutions instead of product USPs; it’s a great way to kick-start a project and boost the energy of the team.

Creative content calendar

The CCC is a web-based tool that helps brands to get a full overview of all content and campaigns running across different channels. So no more printing out-of-date Excel sheets! The CCC means that everyone can work on the calendar at the same time. You can view the brand’s total communication activities by year, month, day and channel.