The Story Seminar

Growing mental availability

On the 29th of November Lemon Scented Tea organizes the Story Seminar. During this seminar we will explore different strategies to build strong memory structures within the consumers’ brain. Inspired by the intellectual legacy of Byron Sharp various international speakers will share their perspective on how to build strong memory structures and grow mental availability. Four speakers will share their different strategies to build distinctive brand assets and illustrate their perspectives with outstanding brand cases. Finally, Lemon Scented Tea will show you how brands can build strong memory structures with the Power of Story.

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Jaimee Hulsmeyer - CitizenM

Jaimee is Social Media and Influencer Manager at citizenM. She will introduce how the affordable luxury hotel brand works with local artists and influencers to build, introduce, and amplify the brand story in their cities around the world.

Karlijn van Ruiten - Rivella

Karlijn van Ruiten is Marketing Manager Healthier Choices at Vrumona, her portfolio contains the brands Crystal Clear, Sourcy and Rivella. She has been with HEINEKEN for 11 years, and has worked in various marketing functions within the company.

Lisa Hogg - TOMS

Lisa is a South-African Amsterdam resident, single co-parent of two, and a passionate & ambitious senior executive with experience in all areas of marketing & brand comms. She joined TOMS in 2016 as EMEA Marketing Director, driving the social entrepreneurial efforts & One for One mission further.

Bram Jonkheer - Blauw

Blauw wants to be the best service provider in realizing client-driven success. We put everything into work to make this ambition reality. We help our clients with targeted advices so they are able to improve themselves continuously in the fields of relations, innovations and brands.

Gijs de Beus - Lemon Scented Tea

Gijs is Strategy Director at Lemon Scented Tea. He will showcase how brands build strong memory structures with the Power of Story.

Where? Pllek, TT Neveritaweg 59, Amsterdam

When? 29th of November 2018, time: 15.00

Price? 125 euros, one for one ticket system

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