We’re back! After a couple of successful workshops before Corona took over, we’re back at it with a new and inspiring session! The registrations are going fast, but we would love to give you a priority ticket to skip the line and invite you to our new workshop “The Future of Brand Engagement”! A workshop hosted by Lemon Scented Tea and the innovation experts of The Forward Club.

What to expect?

In this session we’re diving into the trends of the Transformative Twenties that we’re living in right now. Together we explore your brandstory in these trend-sensitive times. By doing this we create a broad picture of what’s going on in the world at the moment, and how that influences your clients and prospects!

Together with The Forward Club we start by looking outside; what are these trends and remarkable changes in the Transformative Twenties? After that we’re changing our view 180 degrees by looking on the inside. What is the core of your brand and your brandstory, and most importantly how do you make sure to keep your audience involved and inspired?


The workshop starts at 15h00 and takes place at The Lemon Bar, Korte Prinsengracht 26, Amsterdam


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