An ode to Amsterdam cyclists.

2018 the year Veloretti identified to expand their business abroad.

That called for a brand campaign capable of driving this bold market step. We started by nailing their brand story, which we then used as the starting point for a successful online campaign.

Cannes Lion shortlist Film, 3 Lovie awards, Webby award nominee.

Veloretti social campaign
Veloretti social campaign

‘An Amsterdam Bicycle Story’ shows how the citizens of Amsterdam overcome obstacles, challenges and weather conditions on their urban ally: the bicycle.

The online film portrays Amsterdam as the ultimate testing ground, with the perfect test drivers: Amsterdam cyclists with their no-holds-barred style of cycling. The film formed the basis of the social campaign.

Veloretti image bank
Images from movie for image bank

In the first month sales shot up by 40% giving Veloretti a big boost in its international expansion.

Through smart film production we filled Veloretti’s image bank with all images they needed for the international roll out.