Visit Twente

Persuading Holland’s cosmopolitan west to visit the laid-back, rural east.

Visit Twente campaign brand identity
Twente identity

Twente is an easy-going rural region in the east of the Netherlands, far removed from the hectic lifestyles in the west.

‘Twentenaren’, or ‘Tukkers’ as they call themselves, are known for their quirky attitude to life. They like to keep things simple and take the time for things that matter to them.

Building on a famous Twente saying “Tijd zat” (“Time enough”), we created a platform where Twente’s entrepreneurs could give away their surplus time to the time-poor people in the west.

As well as all the usual on- and offline communications, we stuffed a truck with loads of Twente-time giveaways, our handcrafted “Tijd Zat bier” (a bottle containing 42 minutes of tasty Twente beer) and drove to the west to let them experience the true Twente lifestyle.

Twente mobile website and social campaign
Online platform and social campaign

The campaign generated lots of publicity and various festivals like 'Linda Festival' and 'Lekker Laren' included our Twente Time Truck in their programmes.

The campaign still attracts Twente entrepreneurs to join in with time related offers. The Dutch over-night stays increased with a staggering 7%.