We believe that the only good creativity is creativity that travels

Today’s fragmentation in media and consumer behavior asks for brands that are consistent yet flexible.

We believe just a campaign will no longer do. We make brands travel cross media, cross consumers, cross cultures.

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The two-fold brand dilemma

Remaining true to the brands DNA and cut through the clutter. Our answer: a flexible brand story that travels from ‘advertising’ campaigns to social media and from innovation to content.

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How we solved the brand dilemma together with our clients. 

Their flexible, open and focused attitude made it possible to deliver outstanding work in a short time frame: a truly integrated campaign that fully delivered on the annual brand objectives.

Willemijn van Ballegoijen, Senior marcom advisor Nuon

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We take clients on a journey with the LST travel approach

1. Reveal your brand’s DNA in a compelling story.
2. Customize your story to audiences and media channels.
3. Manage your content continuously with the Creative Content Calendar.

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Making brands travel demands flexibility and entrepreneurship

Lemon scented tea is an agency of entrepreneurs with instant access to a global network of experienced specialists. This makes us fast and flexible. Read about our entrepreneurial ventures.

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Exploring new landscapes asks for new eyes and new wings

We recently launched the Creative Content Calendar, a web-based tool that gives brands a total overview of all content and channels.

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