Our Story


People are wired for storytelling. For thousands of years we gather and spread knowledge through stories. So it’s no surprise it is scientifically proven that the best way to remember something is to tell it as a story. And when innovations come and go the brand’s story creates the real difference between brands and organizations.


We compare communication with the ancient ritual of tea making. Imagine that the pot of water is the world we live in. Together with our clients, we select a unique blend of tealeaves and - with our creativity - make the flavour and scent disperse through the water.


Since our foundation in 2001, we’ve worked with a close network of re-thinkers and tinkerers, storytellers, whizz-kids, free spirits and the occasional nutcase. Together we make our stories blend across media and across cultures.


Situated on one of the most vibrant crossroads in Amsterdam, on the corner of De Haarlemmerdijk and De Korte Prinsengracht, we are part of everyday city life. Whether it’s Japanese tourists taking pictures of the graphics in our windows or a Scandinavian couple coming in for some tea, our daily encounters are always inspiring.

Who we are

Gijsbregt Vijn

Managing director + partner
After having worked at Wunderman Cato Johnson in New York and FHV/BBDO Amsterdam, Gijs launched Lemon Scented Tea in 2001 and steered the agency towards story-based creativity. With Gijs at the helm, Lemon quickly produced some of the most successful early-year case studies on content marketing and storytelling. Gijs’ entrepreneurial drive for brand innovation makes him a much-wanted speaker at marketing conferences and seminars in the Netherlands and abroad.
Gijsbregt Vijn - Managing director + partner

Rogier Heijning

Creative Director + partner
Few careers can be summed up so neatly in so few characters: from local art-school joker to BBDO Amsterdam all-rounder, covering everything from web developer and graphic designer to copywriter and art director for national and international accounts like Sara Lee, Doritos, Rabobank and Unilever. Rogier’s vast experience in TVC production and online films is matched only by his gift of the gab, the latter perfectly suitable for guest lecturing at hotspots such as the Miami Ad School.

Pascalle van der Kroef

Head of Account
Proximity Amsterdam, Publicis, Ogilvy, Woedend! Communicatiedingen: just a few of the agencies where Pascalle has dazed others with her account skills. Many clients have experienced her enthusiasm, energy and drive to make a client’s dream her personal goal. Pascalle has a broad experience in handling complex projects for all kinds of media types.
Pascalle van der Kroef, Head of Account

The Creative Content Calendar

How do you manage a multilayered campaign?

Impression of the Creative Content Calendar

The creative content calendar as alignment tool for marketing organizations.


Brands need a consistent and flexible story that blends across all channels and departments. Media, message and target audience must be instantly relevant. And to get everything on the right track, all communication and brand managers need to work together to manage and optimise the content in real time.


The CCC is a web-based tool that helps brands to get a full overview of all content and campaigns running across different channels. So no more printing out-of-date Excel sheets! The CCC means that everyone can work on the calendar at the same time. You can view the brand’s total communication activities by year, month, day and channel.


Editorial sessions are an extra service in which we help fill in the CCC and align all brand activities. In these sessions, we look back at the results of earlier content and campaigns and we plan what content we want to publish next in which channels.

Nuon, Vodafone, Citizen M, Concertgebouw Amsterdam and other professional organisations all use the CCC. Want to see our demo?