We believe that communication nowadays has a lot in common with the ancient ritual of tea making. Imagine that the pot of water is the world we live in. Together with our client, we select a unique blend of tealeaves and - with our creativity - make the flavour and scent travel through the water.

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Creativity that travels

We make your brand travel in 3 steps;

1. Turning your companies DNA into a story;

2. Add creativity and campaigns to make your story travel cross media & cross cultures;

3. Manage what you say, when, where and to whom using our Creative Content Calendar tools.



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What do our clients think of us? 

"Lemon Scented Tea knows how to focus on results. With a clear strategic approach, strong ideas and a great execution.(...) they’re regularly part of our team. And they are a bunch of very nice guys." Yvonne Nasser – Head of marketing and Innovation Amsterdam RAI 

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What are those Lemons up to next?


Check out the latest news concerning our own travels. For instance, the work we did for Robeco or Amsterdam RAI and our own events. 

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interrupt responsibly

We are all too aware that advertising by its very nature interrupts people’s valuable time. So we feel it’s our responsibility to make it as relevant and inspirational as possible. We aim to spread the message, but it should be a compliment to the audience. 

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One tool to align all your content

With our Creative Content Calendar, we've developed a software tool that provides that much needed overview throughout your communication. It aligns all your content, intertwining multiple divisions, getting everyone on the same page. Interested? 

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